Melanie was born in a small town in the Netherlands called Bathmen, but before she became 1, she moved with her parents to the countryside of a larger city called Deventer.

She loves the nature so much, she can enjoy hours of everything what’s happening outside and if she could, she could hardly ever find her inside the house. She grew up by the birds, deers and foxes and loves her animals more than anything that time, just like everything that blossoms and grows.



Grafboeket (in opdracht)


She learned her skills just by herself, with a little bit of help with courses and education to professional illustrator, drawer and painter.




Her inspiration lies mainly in nature, where she grew up (The countryside is called Oxe, near by Deventer) She regularly goes back to her old home for the warm breezes in the summer and the cold starry nights in the winter. Just to sniff the outdoors and to rest from sometimes her hectic life.




Melanie currently lives and works in her own studio at her home in Lochem, along with her boyfriend, Leon, a bird, Jip, and a dog called Elsa.